Innovative solutions for the purification of processed air

3nine is a Swedish company that develops solutions for the purification of processed air. Our revolutionary technology is based on disc stack separation, which resolves in an extremely high degree of purification in a very compact format and requires a minimum of maintenance.

The liquid to gas separation is an invention over 100 years old. Over the past decade, 3nine has won a large share of the global patents and has now acquired around 100 patents within disc stack separation.

3nine – Ownership Structure

3nine is owned in part by Sagri Development. They are a part of the Grimaldi Industri Group, a family of companies owned and lead by Salvatore Grimaldi. Other minority owners are 3nine AB management and employees, Christoffer Kurpátow and Tommy Henningsson.

Grimaldi Industri AB

3nine - a part of Grimaldi Industri

Grimaldi Industri AB is the parent company of Grimaldi Industri Group. Grimaldi Industri AB is the principal owner of 3nine AB and has provided a strong financial position since 2001. A company within the group is Cycleurope, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of bicycles, with well-known brands such as Bianchi, Cresent, Monark, DBS, Gitane, Peugeot, Kildemoes and Puch. Other wholly-owned companies in the group include Plockmatic, Karlsson Spools, Monark Exercise, Grimaldis Mekaniska Verkstad, and Plockmatic International. The Grimaldi Industri Group has 1700 employees and a turnover of 2,500 million SEK per year.