Ronald Koot, CEO, Boers & Co

Boers & Co

"Since we started working with 3nine, the air quality has improved enormously."
Peter Doyle, President & CEO, Hirsh Precision

Hirsh Precision

"Hirsh Precision has used 3Nine’s Mist Recovery System on our shop floor for years. Their Lina 500 model in particular is the most reliable and low maintenance mist collector we use. As our team is preparing to add four new machines to our facility, 3Nine’s Lina 500 Mist Recovery System will be our air cleaner of choice."
Edwin Meijnen, CEO at Hemabo

Hemabo, The Netherlands

""The mist in the shop is gone. We can actually see across the room and you significantly feel a better air quality.""
Tony Soos, owner

Eagle Quality Components, US

"Our 3nine units have been great at keeping the air clean in our small shop and the low maintenance is my favorite part"
Mr. Czternastek, Production Manager at Redex, France

Redex, France

""I really appreciate the performance of 3nines Oil mist collector and that maintenance is so easy with them.""
Mr. Pottrick, Head of Maintenance at Eickhoff Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Bochum

Eickhoff Maschinenfabrik GmbH, Germany

"“Due to 3nine’s innovative technology we can keep our maintenance costs on a low level.” "
Markus Gutjahr, Head of Mechanical Production at COMET AG in Flamatt, Switzerland


""Since we started using 3nine systems, the air quality in our workshop is excellent and we could reduce the maintenance costs significantly.""
Dr. Zhou Hong, General Manager at Festo Production Ltd. in Jinan.

Festo Production Ltd., China

""Thanks to 3nine's oil mist eliminators, we are now working in a safe and healthy environment.""
Åke Falk, Production Manager, Sandvik Coromant AB, Sweden

Sandvik Coromant AB, Sweden

""With 3nine oil mist eliminators we’re sure to minimize our maintenance costs""
Jim Leach, Okuma Large Body Cell Machine Manager at MOOG Inc. Aircraft Group, USA

MOOG Inc. Aircraft Group USA

""Before installing the 3nine oil mist separator, we had to change filter every two weeks.""
Dennis Yeaton, General Manager Triangle engineering Inc., USA

Triangle Engineering Inc., USA

""Our first Clara was installed over a year ago, and has required ZERO maintenance. We now have three 3nine units installed, and our shop air is noticeably cleaner. The fact that the units are quiet and mounted directly on our machines is a bonus.""
Charles Goforth, President Bargo Engineering inc., USA

Bargo Engineering Inc., USA

"”Upon first hearing about the technology, we thought this was just another mist collector. We have tried others in the past that worked for a short time and clogged up with cutting fluid and did very little to improve the air quality. The 3nine Mist Separator however, have a very high purification rate and minimum filter replacement (2 years with one filter). The machine operator as well as other staff members have noticed a significant improvement in the air quality. Thank you for introducing us to the 3nine product line.” "