Okuma Space Turn LB300-M

The 3nine oil mist eliminator Lina 500 installed on an Okuma Space Turn LB300-M CNC turning machine.

The Okuma Space Turn LB300-M offers speed, accuracy and power plus rotary tooling and long bed capacities. The powerful spindle and drive motor with fast-indexing NC turret mean high productivity for fast and heavy-duty turning.

The oil mist eliminator Lina can be mounted on a pillar stand next to the machine tool. The floor plate of the 3nine pillar stand is 17.3” x 17.3” (440 × 440 mm) requiring very little floor space. The Lina is equipped with a Clean in Place (CIP) that efficiently and automatically cleans the disc stack every 10 minutes.

Oil mist eliminator Lina 500
Machine tool Okuma
Model Space Turn LB300-M
Application CNC turning machine
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