3nine talks clean air at EMO 2019

To remain an attractive employer, today’s companies must provide a clean and safe working environment. The interest in sustainable solutions providing clean air was large during the fair in Hannover.

Regular exposure to oil mist is harmful especially for the workers’ health, but also an unfavorable climate for machinery and other technical equipment. The synergy effects of investing in the work environment are many – cleaner air, cleaner shops, healthier staff with more energy. A good working environment favors a profitable production.

We notice that a healthy working environment is becoming a bigger concern for both employers and employees. The attitude regarding the work environment in the industry has changed in just a few years.

– John Elliot, Marknadschef, 3nine

3nine oil mist eliminators clean the air in your workshop

An oil mist separator from 3nine effectively separates the oil mist from the processed air and returns a 99.95% particle-free air thanks to a HEPA filter in grade 13. Since the majority of the oil mist is separated instead of being collected in a filter media, you have the possibility of reusing the expensive oil/cutting fluid and at the same time minimize the cost of filtering and destruction.

We are very pleased with this year’s EMO trade show. We notice that the environmental aspect is becoming an increasingly important issue for many companies, thath they want to be able to offer their employees a clean and healthy workplace. Companies today are looking for a solution that works in the long run and that’s exactly what we here at 3nine has to offer.

– Patrik Haaster, Business Area Manager, 3nine

EMO – a world leader within the metalworking industry

Between September 16th-21st, over 2,000 exhibitors were on site in Hannover to showcase their innovations under the theme “Smart technologies driving tomorrow’s production!”. The visitors were as many as 117,000 from more than 150 different countries.