A busy week at Grindtec

Great interest in the GREEN LINE series at the GrindTec trade show in Augsburg

The GrindTec trade show is aimed for manufacturers and users of grinding technology, and this year’s event attracted over 15,000 visitors. For us, it meant a busy week and not a single quiet moment in the booth.

The contact binder was filled with leads and our Sales Managers will be fully booked for some time to come. We did not only get requests from final customers, but also some of the large grinding machine tool manufacturers came to discuss possible collaborations. With this in mind, we can only say that we are really happy with the show and it will certainly be an interesting Q2!”

–  John Elliot, Marketing Manager at 3nine.

GrindTec is a strategically important fair for 3nine, specially since we have launched our latest generation of oil mist separators, GREEN LINE. The oil mist separators from the GREEN LINE series are suited to handle more heavy applications like grinding, which often has a large amount of solid particles in the oil mist than in applications such as milling or turning.