High-quality HEPA filters for 3nine Oil mist Eliminators

We chose the HEPA filters from Freudenberg for our Oil mist Eliminators simply because they deliver a superior filtration performance and have outstanding operational reliability.

The oil mist eliminators from 3nine will separate most of the fluid particles in the rotor, but in order to capture the finer particles we use a HEPA filter at grade H13 from Freudenberg. We want to be sure that we deliver an air so clean that you can return the processed air directly to the workshop. Therefore, we use a final-stage HEPA filter at grade H13 to take care of the finer particles (smaller than 1 µm). This way, we can ensure a 99.95% particle-free air – a performance equal to what is prescribed in hospitals.

Safe & clean processes without interruption 
Outstanding filter performance throughout the entire operating life.
money-filter Low maintenance costs with few filter changes
Increased lifetime due to the unique technology.
H13-filter Clean air in your work shop
The H13 grade HEPA filter ensures a 99.95% particle-free air.
No oily residues
Improves work safety in the production area.
check-filter Easy handling & mounting
Simple to install and remove thanks to a handle on the frame.


Do you need a new HEPA filter for your 3nine unit? Place your order at: [email protected] or call +46 (0)8 601 35 40

Freudenberg FiltrationFreudenberg is known worldwide for its innovative technology and high quality. All of their HEPA filters have are certified accourding to SF13 and undergo an integrity test according to EN 1822:2009 prior to delivery.