3nine’s technology approved by The Environmental Investment Allowance

To stimulate the transition towards a green economy, The Environmental Investment Allowance (MIA) in the Netherlands has an program, where companies can deduct up to 36% of the capital outlay from taxable profit, when investing in environmentally-friendly business assets.

Investments should promote a circular economy, reduce the use of (fossil) raw materials or limit emissions where the assets or techniques need to meet the requirements included in the Environmental List. Initiated by 3nine’s distributor Glavitech B.V. in the Netherlands, 3nine’s oil mist separators have recently become eligible for an MIA investment allowance.

Traditional technologies for oil mist elimination may clean air from oil mist, but this will leave a negative impact on the environment. The filters that are used in the process of collecting oil mist particles will become saturated and will be incinerated, leading to CO2 emissions. As 3nine’s patented separation technology continuously separates oil mist particles from air, not only does the filter consumption reduce to a minimum, but the separated liquid particles are also fed back into the machine tool, thus reducing the coolant consumption significantly. It is for these reasons among others, that 3nine’s technology was approved by MIA as an environmentally-friendly solution for cleaning oil mist, helping manufacturing companies to reduce their negative impact on our environment.