Saint-Gobain chose 3nine oil mist eliminators when it was time for a shop ventilation system upgrade

The Metal Working Industry is headed for more high-speed and high-pressure machining. With higher performance machine tools, a shops ventilation system must be able to meet the increase in “processed air” to maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

When Saint Gobain learned that they were going to move their Lab to a new facility, they took a close look at their existing central ventilation system. With more sophisticated machine tools using more high-pressure in the machining process, Saint-Gobain understood that their central ventilation system was not meeting the environmental standards they wanted and began looking for alternatives for their new facility.

The ventilation system being replaced

After evaluating different solutions, Saint-Gobain choose to replace their central oil mist ventilation system. 12 units of 3nines GREEN LINE oil mist eliminators were installed individually on the machines. After the installation, many reduced costs could be documented including energy and maintenance costs. With a 3nine solution, their expensive coolants are returned to the machine tool for reuse. The coolant loss was dramatically reduced. The total savings from the 3nine solutions was tens of thousand’s dollars per year.

Our most important task is to increase our customers productivity and profitability. It is with great pleasure and deep pride that we can help such an admirably company as Saint-Gobain to achieve their goals.

– Oskar Olai, CEO at 3nine AB


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