3nine AB becomes 3nine Industries AB

3nine AB expands and forms three new companies; 3nine Industries AB, 3nine Automotive GmbH and 3nine Shipping AB.

Since the beginning of 3nine’s history, 3nine has been dedicated to the mission of providing clean air in different business areas, with a focus on the metalworking industry. After years of hard work, we will now expand and open up new companies with the aim of developing our various business areas. As of April 1, 2020, three new companies are being formed; 3nine Industries AB, 3nine Automotive GmbH, and 3nine Shipping AB.

The largest business area, the metalworking industry, will become a separate company – 3nine Industries AB with the subsidiaries 3nine GmbH in Germany and 3nine USA Inc. in the US. 3nine AB will be the sole owner and parent company. The focus will continue to be on securing the working environment in the global manufacturing industry.

The new company 3nine Automotive GmbH will focus on the automotive industry. Our customers are global truck and passenger car manufacturers with a need for products or services based on separation technology. At 3nine Shipping AB, we will work on developing new technology to support the shipping industry in their environmental work.

Clean air is one of the key concerns for the health of both the people and the environment. By broadening our business with new companies, we want to make it clear that we want to help more people and companies to get access to clean air, something we consider a right and not a privilege.

Oskar Olai, CEO 3nine Group

3nine guarantees clean air at the lowest total cost through innovation leading solutions.

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