COVID-19 Statement


My name is Patrik Haaster and I am the Vice President of 3nine Industries. With this information, we want to assure you that we’re doing everything we can to ensure a sustainable delivery to our customers with regards to COVID-19. We respect the authorities’ regulations in each country about physical contact to ensure that we do not contribute to the further spread of the virus.

Our production partners are still running, and we have full capacity to deliver at the time of writing.

Thanks to today’s digital tools, it’s fully possible to keep in touch even though meeting in person right now is difficult. We look forward to continuing the many conversations with our customers about how we can help with improving the working environment and breathing clean air.

We hope that we will soon see a turnaround in this troublesome time and that we, together with our partners and you as our customers, will be able to continue the work of developing a good and sustainable work environment for the future.

Take care.

Best regards,

Patrik Haaster

You can find the contact information to your local 3nine office or sales representative here: Support & Contact