Get better control over production with new IoT remote monitoring service

A mutual vision to simplify and streamline production for the metal industry generated a collaboration between 3nine, HiQ and ST Solutions AB. Now they have developed an IoT solution that allows remote monitoring of 3nine’s oil mist eliminators.

The developed IoT solution is an integrated web service that provides customers with information about 3nine’s oil mist eliminators in real time. In the oil mist eliminator, there is a monitor that continuously collects operating data for airflow, filter consumption and separated oil. Via the 3G network, all sensor data is sent to ST Solutions Cloud Service, where the HiQ web interface analyzes and presents the information. The device is developed in a way that makes it easy to connect other external sensors. This allows for more data than just the oil mist eliminator operating information such as air quality by the operator, temperature and level of cutting fluid. The solution not only gives an overview of 3nine oil mist eliminators but can also communicate important information about the operating environment in the workshop.

“We always try to simplify the everyday lives of our customers so that they can become more competitive. With our IoT solution they get a better overview and get the opportunity to focus more on production. HiQ and ST Solutions AB were both given partners for the project as they care to create simple, neat and user-friendly solutions”

says John Elliot, Marketing Manager at 3nine.

Our IoT solution simplifies the everyday life

The IoT solution was launched last year during Elmia Industrial Fairs in Sweden. Since then, the IoT solution has been refined and 3nine is now ready for a Nordic launch of the digital platform.
Sandvik is the first customer who has been given the opportunity to try the interface and they got benefits that helped them to advance faster than expected after the introduction of the IoT solution. Since the R & D department is located in Sandviken, they have seen the potential of combining data obtained from 3nine with other data from the machining process. In this way, important decision-making information has been provided for the research work. The remote monitoring has also simplified the everyday life of the operator at Sandvik, which receives alerts and alarms immediately via the web. They use the solution to also measure the vibration of the machine tools and the pH value of the cutting fluid. With that they can directly see what actions need to be done and also get a detailed continuous view of the quality of the cutting fluid.