Hirsh Precision

“3nine’s Lina 500 Mist Recovery System is our air cleaner of choice.”

Providing a clean and safe environment for their employees is a high priority for the management of Hirsh Precision. Hirsch Precision has been a loyal customer to 3nine since 2015.

Hirsh Precision, lead by President & CEO Peter Doyle, specializes in aerospace, medical and scientific technology. They have multiple facilities across the Centennial State. The Hirsh team operates on a culture based on integrity, trust, confidence, and commitment. They believe in delivering the highest quality work, treating their partners fairly, and maintaining a standard of excellence across everything they do.

Equipping their machine shop with 3nine’s Mist Recovery Systems has helped Hirsh Precision keep their shop clean and safe, something that is a key priority for their management. The high efficiency and low maintenance units from 3nine are a perfect match to the complex and innovative machine shop at Hirsh Precision.

Hirsh Precision has used 3Nine’s Mist Recovery System on our shop floor for years. Their Lina 500 model in particular is the most reliable and low maintenance mist collector we use. As our team is preparing to add four new machines to our facility, 3Nine’s Lina 500 Mist Recovery System will be our air cleaner of choice.

Peter Doyle, President & CEO, Hirsh Precision


Hirsh Precision, located in the beautiful Rocky Mountains brings over 800 years of manufacturing experience to the table. Founded by Steve Hirsh in 1979, Hirsh Precision is the epitome of innovation and quality in the metal working industry by using a combination of Manufacturability Feedback, Precision Machining, Complex Assembly, Inventory Management and Metal Finishing.



Hirsh Precision
6420 Odell Place
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