For several years, Speedtool has been making major investments in modern machinery and new facilities, and 3nine’s technology has played a crucial role in ensuring the air quality of the workshop.

Speedtool was founded in 1998 by Jimmy Korsbeck, a true entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. His capacity for taking risks from the very beginning has enabled him to establish a company that holds a leading position as a supplier of advanced press tools. In 2006, it was decided to relocate from the facilities in Bankeryd, Sweden to new facilities in Habo, which represented the first step in Jimmy’s vision of the company becoming the leading press tool supplier in Sweden.

Considerable investments were then made both in expansion of the factory facilities and in machinery. The factory area was tripled in size to 34,000 sq. ft. and equipped with advanced monitoring technology, including temperature sensors on the machines to detect any temperature changes in the facility that may affect the tolerances in electrical discharge machines (EDMs). The investments also included a giant 5-axis portal milling cutter, DMU 600P, one of the largest machine tools in the DMG MORI series, which is normally only sold to large industrial manufacturers such as Volkswagen and the like.

With these investments, Speedtool was able to position itself among the top European companies in high-quality machining. It was now possible to design and manufacture the largest and most complex tailor-made press tools available on the market.

Speedtool’s current customers consist of large companies in the automotive and aerospace industry, such as, for example, GKN Aerospace, SAAB Aerostructures and Kongsberg Maritime.

3nine’s partnership with Speedtool spans several years. When Speedtool moved to its new ultramodern facilities in Habo, they soon realised the importance of finding the right solution to cleaning oil mist from the machine tools. However, keeping the facilities clean should never be done at the expense of the extensive maintenance work that is required. Given the amount of customers with high demands in the automotive industry and a limited workforce, it was extremely important that everyone focused on ensuring short lead times, delivery accuracy and the production of high-quality products.

We were determined to avoid a solution with filter cabinets and piping and we were going to use point-based extraction. We then came in contact with 3nine and had heard that their oil mist separator had a high purification level and required little maintenance

– says Niklas Lixenstrand, Department Manager NC at Speedtool.

At the time, Niklas Lixenstrand was working as an NC programmer at Speedtool and was involved in the decision-making process related to the acquisition of the oil mist separators. He along with the rest of the team were busy with production and ensuring delivery times and knew that they could not afford to spend time on oil mist separator maintenance. At the same time, there was an increased awareness of the dangers of exposure to oil mist and of  the importance of a healthy work environment. After testing and evaluating two of 3nine’s oil mist separators, they were convinced that the performance of the products was as the manufacturer claimed. It was then decided to install the devices on the remainder of the machine tools.

In addition to ensuring that the air is clean and healthy, the facility is also neat and tidy. Since some customers come here on a daily basis, it always has to be clean and in top condition here

– Niklas.

“The machines keep running year after year without the need for any maintenance”, Niklas says.

Through the years, the company has always chosen 3nine’s products. In total, 3nine has delivered 11 oil mist separators from both the BLUE LINE and GREEN LINE series.

At Speedtool, quality and customer satisfaction are not the only important factors – the company also always makes every effort to pursue sustainable production with the smallest possible carbon footprint. With 3nine’s low filter consumption and the possibility of reusing separated cutting fluid, you can rest assured that an environmentally-friendly choice has been made.

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